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Community & Environment Activities

We care for our common good. We minimize the company's impact on the natural environment. We operate on many levels to support organizations and associations in need.

What is CSR for us

Corporate social responsibility is building a system of values ​​that has an impact on the surrounding environment and its inhabitants.


Our technologies have an impact on reducing CO2 emissions to the atmosphere, and we use renewable energy sources in our production process.


We support individuals and organizations that need material or financial assistance. We also support young entrepreneurs under the Business Mentoring Program.


We help to create infrastructure that has an impact on the safety and development of the local community. New investments are selected for the region’s benefit.

CSR Actions

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Eco-logistics and Sustainability of Transport or Green Solutions in Logistics

Autor: Anna | 14 November 2022

In order to meet the challenges of today’s world, the TSL industry must keep up with the changes. It is our duty to meet the needs of the public and to put the idea of environmentalism and sustainable transport into practice. Our industry has been familiar with the transport ecology issues for years. The number […]

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Servicing of Trailers and Semi-trailers – The Key to Responsible Transport

Autor: Andrzej | 30 September 2022

Every driver is responsible for maintaining the vehicle in good working order – so every haulier is responsible to maintain their fleet in top working order. Helping to fulfil both these missions, we offer our services and take care of GT Trailers products used by our clients. From the specialised services offered through our factory […]

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European Transport in 2021 – Summary.

Autor: Andrzej | 1 December 2021

In 2021, the European transport had to face several major challenges. How have they affected the industry? Economic has turmoil turned out to be one of the more unforeseeable consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic. Supply shortages have stamped their influence in many industries. Transport and logistics have been particularly affected by the crisis. The dynamic […]

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