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GT Trailers - partner ORTEN

100 years of tradition in the industry

ORTEN Fahrzeugbau GmbH and ORTEN Holding GmbH are well-known, traditional German companies that date back to 1925. Employing around 120 employees, the innovative family company produces and sells over 800 vehicles and bodyworks per year. ORTEN Fahrzeugbau has been representing the well-known Polish group GT Trailers in Germany, Austria and Luxembourg for over 6 years.

The partnership between two experienced and high-performance vehicle manufacturing companies guarantees customers first-class quality and innovative, forward-looking vehicle technology.

- Robert Orten

Family partnership in the industry

The family company SDG has been cooperating with GT Trailers in the field of equipment for BDF chassis and trailers since the beginning of 2018. Over the years of cooperation, a bond based on trust, respect and a shared vision of the development of our industry has been established. Innovative technology, honest and goal-oriented working methods and high quality "attract" each other - from 2020 the companies are connected with each other in an entrepreneurial way.

GT Trailers - partner SDG

We are very happy about this partnership and the years ahead! We hope that research on innovative technologies will allow for joint and dynamic development.

- Volker and Henrik Hollmann
GT Trailers - partner XBOND

System technology provider

Supplier, technology partner and manufacturer in the field of implementing comprehensive system solutions. XBond is a trustworthy company specializing in industrial solutions. Driven by passion, XBond specialists make every effort to improve existing solutions, questioning the established status quo. The steel and composite construction elements they produce give us the certainty of the highest quality during the assembly of GT Trailers products.

The best way to predict the future is to shape it yourself. We are very happy to have GT Trailers by our side, a company which thinks ahead and shapes the future.

- X-bond team

Legendary Swiss Precision

A manufacturer of bodyworks ideally suited to unusual needs. For years, Eschtec systems have enabled companies from the automotive industry to rapidly and responsibly develop their product range. Knowledge and know-how, backed by 25 years of experience on the market, make Eschtec a specialist in the field of swap systems, providing partner consulting at the highest level.

GT Trailers - partner XBOND

For several years we have been successfully cooperating with the GT Trailers company, some time ago we started cooperation on various products. Thanks to this partnership, we look calmly to the future.

- Andreas Wieland

Opinions of our business partners

As a family business, we approach business relationships and the bonds established in this way with full commitment. The satisfaction of our partners is a source of pride for us and confirmation of the quality of GT Trailers services.