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GNIOTPOL TRAILERS Limited liability company has completed the project
no. POIR.03.04.00-16-0089/20 Mon. „Working capital subsidy for GNIOTPOL TRAILERS SP. Z O.O.” co-financed from European Funds; measure 3.4 Working capital subsidies.
The project concerned support for entrepreneurs in the field of ensuring financial liquidity and ongoing operations support in connection with financial difficulties that occurred in the entrepreneur as a result of the COVID-19 epidemic . The aim of the project was to help keep the company in business.
Co-financing of the project from the EU: 345,507.90 PLN


implements a project co-financed by European Funds “Purchase and implementation of modern information and communication technologies at GNIOTPOL TRAILERS Sp. z o.o.”

The aim of the project is to increase innovation in the field of information and communication technologies and development in the use of ICT-based products and services. As a result of the project, the company will additionally increase employment and create new jobs.

The implemented solutions will directly affect the production and sales process of products thanks to the increased speed of data processing and ease of management. The implemented solutions will allow to increase the number of customers, increase their level of satisfaction with cooperation with the company, and facilitate the process of managing the company in many of its aspects (increasing the company’s development opportunities and thus the entire SME sector in the region and the country.

Project value: PLN 515,082.00

Co-financing of the project from the EU: PLN 257,025.91