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Mirosław Jędrysiak

Szef serwisu +48 662 196 978

Adam Kaduk

Specjalista ds. serwisu +48 662 196 983

Paweł Popek

Kierownik Magazynu i Zaopatrzenia +48 784 537 316

Tomasz Durał

Kierownik zaopatrzenia +48 788 262 4446

Małgorzata Gieża

Kierownik zaopatrzenia +48662196957

Paweł Majchrowski

+48 539 999 057

Tomasz Lipowski

+48 668 615 738

Sweden, Denmark, Italy, Romania

Paweł Majchrowski

Key Account Manager +48 539 999 057

Czech Republic, Slovakia, Norway, Finland, Lithuania, Estonia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Hungary

Tomasz Lipowski

Key Account Manager +48 668 615 738

Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg

Grzegorz Karbowski

Key Account Manager +48 662 196 978


Maciej Jurgasz

Alternative Fuel Sales Coordinator +48 538 860 242


Artur Pietrucha

Key Account Manager +48 538 860 219

Back office


Andrzej Soliński

Koordynator ds. sprzedaży
+48 662 196 955


Ewelina Dąbrowska

Koordynator ds. sprzedaży
+48 538 975 200

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Together we will beat any, even the most difficult route

30 years of experience has taught us that no implementations are impossible. We have created dozens of custom-made projects. We create solutions not only for the transport and construction industry, but also for fire brigades and service companies. The offer of GT Trailers includes, among others, high volume combinations, BDF swap body systems, 2504 systems, as well as SOLO bodyworks


The solutions we offer are characterized by exceptional durability. All due to the patented technologies and certificates that distinguish us in the industry.


Our quality is not only high-class products - trailers and semi-trailers, but also exceptional customer service, which distinguishes us from other competing companies.


We are sure that our products are reliable, which is why they are covered by both the warranty and post-warranty service, which extends their service life.

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